Thursday, July 09, 2009

YAWN! Another Dull Post

I definitely am one of the more boring people in cyberspace. Here's the latest.

I'm Still Working Out

I'm really proud of myself. I've hit the gym an average of six days a week. Right now, I still do my cardio on an ellipsis machine. I love ellipsis machines--maximum calories burned for least possible fatigue. I started a few weeks ago with a resistance of 12 and now I'm up to 16. I'm just about hitting 400 calories in twenty minutes. Since I started a few weeks ago, I always plug in 25 minutes. I always target a minimum of 400 calories per workout. I now officially don't need the extra five minutes. Now that I've managed to get the 400 calories in to twenty minutes, I just cool down for a minute or two and hop off. After a few more days of resistance 16, I'm hoping I manage to pull up to 17. The goal is to be able to go for a full twenty minutes at the machine's top resistance of 20. I may increase my time after that if I reach the goal. We'll see how it goes.

My weight routine is naturally pathetic. My shoulders, in particular, really, really suck. How badly, you ask? Like up until earlier this week, I was at the "I use the little girlie weights" level of sucking. I literally have wussy sets of 5, 8 and 10-pound dumbbells in my home office to use before I head out for the rest of my workout, because being mostly a weightlifting gym, they do not deign to carry the wussy weights. The built guys who Craig is convinced are using steroids don't have much use for the wussy weights. As you can guess, there are very few chicks doing their "toning" at this gym. So, with regrets to my straight brothers, there is nothing entertaining at this gym for you. Well, there is this one black guy who likes to grunt like a porno whenever he lifts anything, though. And of course, you could watch me work on my shoulders. That's definitely worth at least a chuckle. It's hilarious, actually. But I now can use the lowest "male" dumbbell size of 15 lbs for a shoulder exercise. So, HA!

It's Grading Weekend for Arab-Israeli

WHEEEE! I'd like to crank them out this weekend because Antioch is going to be a pain.

It's The First Week for My Online Course at Antioch

I need to figure out how to get my oil lectures converted into something they can watch online. That's going to be a bitch.

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