Sunday, July 19, 2009

Manic Sunday

The tripod works. I'm maybe halfway to a lighting solution. Craig's camera is probably not up to the task. I'm going to have to buy a $300 one to get the job done.

Craig has a full day planned. I won't get to the gym until early afternoon, which sucks. I have thirteen more essays to grade. The short answers and map quizzes are done. Then I have determine if there will be a curve, implement it and print evaluations. I have to have their next exam question posted by Monday. It has to be a new one, this time. I haven't done a '48 War question in a long time. I give back the exam that day, too. I'll probably get slammed at office hours. Tuesday, I trek back to Kenwood to return the lighting equipment that won't work out and get the guy's advice on what will work. I need to write to Haim Gal to ask him to e-mail me a letter of invitation and tell him about my setup and see if it works for him.

I'm getting cranky. Too many details. Not enough frontal lobe power.

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