Sunday, July 19, 2009

Manic Sunday, Part II

Craig's morning thing canceled, so I got to the gym bright and early after all. Still cardio today. I'm stuck between resistance 16 and 17 on the ellipsis machine. Part of it is that summer has kicked in and the place isn't air conditioned. Heat fucks with a multiple sclerotic pretty badly. I did almost the whole 20 minutes at 17 a few days ago when we had a cool spell. Now that it's hot, I can only do 17 for a few minutes at a time. It's pissing me off. At least I get the pleasure of dripping more sweat this way. Given the wussy character of my workout, I take what pseudo-signs of manly manness that I can get. I think I'm back to weights tomorrow, assuming that I'm not crashing on the damned exams. Five more left. Plus I gotta go the bank tomorrow. Blech. Too much crap.

I gotta figure out my medications for the trip, too. MS makes me feel like my grandmother, God rest her soul. I totally get why she hated going anywhere. Of course, my grandmother could have organized a successful planned economy for the Soviet Union. And her cooking was way, way better than Stalin's. I was never up to her standards on my best day.

I hate grading. Five more essays, then plug and chug. Then printing grade sheets. I want these fucking exam dead.

Whine, whine. Bitch, bitch. Goddamn. I never write anything worth reading anymore.

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