Friday, July 10, 2009

Good News!

While normally I wouldn't consider one of my courses being cancelled good news, I am delighted that Antioch has cancelled by online course due to low enrollment. Even better, they are thinking actively about offering it as a winter quarter regular course. I don't have to go through online hell this summer, trying to explain the political economy of oil over the internet. While the shortfall of cash sucks, my folks' funding for the trip should take care of September more than adequately. Craig and I are both delighted.

Also, NFL Sunday ticket this year gives me INTERNET ACCESS to the game. That means I'm going to get to watch Packers vs. Bears (Week 1) and Packers vs. Bungles (Week 2). Zero missed Packers games this season! I'm pumped! I'll have to be up at 4 am Tel Aviv time to watch the Bears game. Craig's going to be pissy with me. But fuck it, it's Week 1, its the showdown of good and evil and Lambeau Field and I don't have to miss it for the cause of knowledge and getting a real job. Life is sweet!

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Kirk said...

Isn't Tel Aviv 10 hours ahead of Pacific time/7 hours ahead of Eastern US time? According to the NFL schedule I've got the Packers-Bears game is supposed to start at 8:20 Eastern on that Sunday evening which would put it at 3:20 am on Monday morning in Tel Aviv if it is 7 hours ahead of Eastern time. The week 2 game is back at the standard 1 pm Eastern time, which would be a much more reasonable 8 pm in Tel Aviv. If you're there for week 3 the times change by an hour because according to the website I glanced at it appears as if Israel comes off daylight savings time on Sunday Sept 27th.

Just thought I'd help because I know you'd be pissed if you woke up at 4 am only to find the game approaching the end of the first quarter.