Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Kid's Growing Up

Is it just me, or is Aaron Rodgers' voice deeper this year? Fuck, he's growing up right before my eyes. He wasn't this confident last year, but damn, he's turned into a real quarterback. And to think six years ago I was snippy at Dinur for wanting Brett Favre to just die so California Boy could have a career. Who knew I'd become a fan of Aaron Rodgers and want to see Brett Favre beat into a bloody pulp? The times they are a changin'.

I may just buy me one of these t-shirts. My brother-in-law Chris is a Vikings fan, God help him. I'll get him the purple one and me the green one. It'll be even better than when we wear rival hockey jerseys.


Kirk said...

What a great shirt! Reminds of when Johnny Damon left the Red Sox to join the Yankees several years ago. At the time he had the Jesus look going with the long hair and beard and is well known for having an extremely weak throwing arm. Thus the saying went around New England that Damon looked like Jesus, acted like Judas and threw like Mary.

Cuphound said...

And yet, the noblest, highest pass in football is called the "Hail Mary."

Neil, how does baseball perceive the Blessed Madonna? This doesn't sound encouraging... :P

See, back when I was a good Catholic boy, i could say that seriously.

If Favre becomes a Viking, I'm definitely buying the green one for me and the purple one for Chris. He'll wear it a sports bar with me, too. Chris doesn't read this blog, so it's sure to be a surprise.

It'll be fun.