Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Crummy Entry

I never write anymore. Sorry about that. Life has been busy. It's not even worth telling you I've been unfocused. Let's face it--I'm always unfocused. It's part of my personality now. I don't know they day will ever come that I've gotten used to it being a part of my personality. Assuming I live a normal lifespan, I will be an unfocused twit for far longer than I ever was together, competent individual. Health was the aberration. The twit is the real me.

I guess, as Gregory Maguire said, "You get used to never getting used to it."

The Dissertation

I've made some skips and jumps in the proposal. I still need to rewrite again, but it's coming along. Craig and I are supposed to go to Tel Aviv in September. Let's see what happens.


The second iteration of POL S 436 went okay. I was deeply blessed to have a good friend and committed teacher, Pam Stumpo, as a TA this term. That was a fantastic blessing. I perfected my France section only to discover that I may jettisson it in favor of Jordan. I want to simplify the assignment structure to focus their skills on writing in a single genre.

Blog Entries I'd Like to Write

I never write blogs anymore. This entry sucks. I want to do a bunch of entries. Craig wants me to go to sleep. It's two am. I guess I'll do that instead. Sorry this sucks.