Monday, January 18, 2010

Rosh Hanikra

The place is located in some white chalky cliffs by the sea.

You start up on the top of the cliff, where you can get some magnificent shots of the Mediterranean coastline near Haifa.

You have to take a cable-car down to the grottos.

Naturally, there are big rocks below.

But the view from inside the grotto is amazing. I only wish I were a better photographer.


Dinur said...

I think you mean "Rosh HaNikra" ;-). The suggest I'd have for some of the darker photos is to press the shutter down part of the way to open up the lens and let in more light, then push down the whole way =)

Cuphound said...

Oops. This is what I get for being too lazy to dig up the damned brochure.