Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Had to Share


StLee said...

schadenfreude much, TS?

But I did laugh at that video.

Try the call from the Vikings Radio network:

Cuphound said...

This is from Donald's Designated Driver's blog

Schadenfavre: (n.) The joy associated with watching an arch rival suffer through a 40 year old quarterback's fourteen year old antics.

Cuphound said...

I'm mindful of the fact I owe you a letter.

Dinur said...

Keep in mind the person making the comments (Big Daddy Drew on the site) is a Minnesota fan. Makes the hatred that much more entertaining.

Cuphound said...

In case you feel too tired to cut and paste, Dinur's link is here.

After further review.... Poor Big Daddy. No Schadenfavre for him. In contrast, if we ever fix the offensive line, I say the Green Bay Packers can win the Super Bowl.


Dinur said...

Read this reader comment on KSK and thought you might appreciate it:

Willy Says:
January 26th, 2010 at 4:08 pm

Check it out:

Hamartia. The “tragic flaw” described by Aristotle: A leader cannot control his own inner shortcoming, which causes him to achieve the reverse of what he desired. In “Antigone,” the king, Creon, tells himself he is acting in the interest of the city, when actually he is acting to glorify his own ego — this hamartia destroys him.

Sound familiar? Bet you thought I was ragging on the O man and Nancy and Harry….read on….

Brett Favre comes up a bit short of a character in ancient Thebes, but on Sunday he was brought low by hamartia all the same. It was not enough for Favre’s team to reach the Super Bowl — he had to get the credit. Game tied with 19 seconds remaining, Favre scrambled at about the New Orleans 40-yard line, with open field ahead of him. All he needed to do was run a few yards, hook-slide, call timeout, and the Vikings’ strong-legged kicker, Ryan Longwell, had a solid chance to win the NFC championship. But the credit had to go to Favre; he had to throw a spectacular pass at the end, so television announcers would swoon. So he heave-hoed a dramatic across-the-field pass. It was intercepted, and the Saints won in overtime.

Cuphound said...

But this implies that Brett Favre is a tragic hero and not a buffoon. Favre plays for the Vikings, Dinur. This isn't tragedy; it's comedy.