Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I forgot to make copes of the lit reviews from Lisa Wedeen’s Ambiguities of Domination and Benedict Anderson’s Imagined Communities. One of my students who is a friend came to office hours yesterday and when the time was up, since we were talking, I forgot to go into the copy place next door and just walked with him to the parking lot. That means I’m fucked till Wednesday. Can you believe that there’s no place in Renton where you can make cheap photocopies? It’s the U District or bust. Renton sucks. But our house here doesn’t and I need to keep that in perspective. I have to grade all day. That will suck. I should be at the gym, but I forgot to charge my MP3 player. So I need to fill in 20 minutes or so before I can go. I don’t get far on an ellipsis machine without a good strong beat and something good to read that helps me keep me in the mood.

I need to timeline Dilip Hiro’s Lebanon: Fire and Embers. It’s a very basic history of the Lebanese Civil War. The Lebanese Civil War is anything but cut and dry and that could cause me troubles.

I have to write to Haim Gal today too. Too much going on.

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