Monday, August 17, 2009

Crossing Over to the Dark Side

Life is too busy. I don't like busy. I'm not wired to handle it anymore. Here's the latest.

Neil Has Converted Me Into A Yankees Fan

Neil, Craig, Pam, Pam's friend Hala (who's quite a pip!) and I went to the Safe to see Yankees beat the Mariners (5-2). Neil bought me a cap and a commemorative pin to mark the event. At that point, as no one has ever explained as much baseball to me as Neil, let alone buy me a cap, I felt that I had to swear undying loyalty to the Yanks. So Michelle and Gretchen can rejoice. Kirk's wife Keriann will probably never forgive me. But, had fate left me in Bridgeport rather than moving to the ends of the earth, I probably would have been a Yankees fan anyway, so there we are. Plus, I'd like something that links me to my favorite city on the planet, which will always be New York. It's probably never going to be a job, so I take what I can get.

So Neil, since I swore I'd go to Fenway with you, do you feel like taking some martial arts classes with me next fall? We're gonna need all the help we can get.

Craig and I Head to Tel Aviv in Ten Days

My mom had a dream that my dissertation was published. The cover was blue and white. Odd color scheme, given that my dissertation is about Jordan and Lebanon, but from her lips to God's ears. I want a real job that has a paycheck in the month of September.

I Finally Signed Up for a Facebook Account

Craig is now very happy. My favorite greeting so far was from Fiona Davis, who said, "Oh wow, has Hell frozen over? Kidding! Welcome to the dark side, my friend!"


Kirk said...

As disappointed as I am in your becoming a Yankees fan, if and when you two decide to catch a game at Fenway let me know and maybe I'll go too.

I haven't told Keriann yet and I probably won't unless she asks because if she found out you decided to root for the Yankees she wouldn't let me play with you any more!

Cuphound said...

Yeah, I gotta say that the whole "Keriann" factor is a little worrying.

I'm definitely glad you want to come to Fenway too. It wouldn't be the same to go to a game in Boston without you!

In all seriousness, I am rather hoping I can talk Neil into taking some martial arts training with me not because I'm so worried about the game, but because it's a good thing to do and having a workout buddy would be really fun.

I have to get a little time to write a proper baseball post. Neil has really taught me a lot about the game. It's an interesting game the way chess is an interesting game.