Tuesday, October 06, 2009

About Last Night

The O-Line stinks and will continue stink all season. They were sort of okay when Jeff Jagodzinski was here. Still, the success of the 2007 season was more luck than skill. Since Jagodzinski left, it’s clear that there’s no one to coach this zone blocking approach. If the line is to get better, we need a change of coaching staff or BIGGER LINEMEN and a more traditional approach.

McCarthy seems to be a good QB coach. Sadly, he seems to have been promoted beyond his greatest competence. Under his leadership, we will continue to be a mediocre football team. I officially vote no confidence in his leadership.

I don’t want to talk about Brent anymore. I just don't.

It was good to hang out with Shawn Lee. I am mindful that I own him and Simon letters of recommendation. Simon's has to be written tonight.


StLee said...

I know you are upset about the performance of the Packers Monday, but from what I see, they're in a pretty good spot. They are on bye this week, and get to get well v. Detroit the following week and v. Cleveland the week after and then face the Vikings again at home, a game which I can all but guarantee they will win. Looks like the recipe for a 3 game winning streak to me.

Cuphound said...

I dunno, Shawn. My prediction: we do better this year than last against the mediocre teams. Fewer games lost by less than four points. That will be improvement. You are hopefully rights about the Lions and Browns. Losses there would be psychologically devastating.

But without a new O-line, any quality defense is likely to still edge us. We're not going to beat the Vikings "as is." Maybe they can turn to O-line around in a month. But they haven't in three years. I see no reason to assume that this magical month will make a difference.

I'm upset because they did jack shit to fix this long-standing problem this summer when they really had a chance. I'm frustrated because it seems that Coach McCarthy has trouble finding appropriate subordinate staff. We turned over the whole defensive coaching staff last year. He's supposed to be an offensive genius, but his O-line stinks. With all that work on the defense, he can't find someone who can teach this "zone blocking" scheme to the players. It makes no sense.

We have the potential to be a great team again and again we will be mediocre. This sort of leadership failure is deeply disheartening.

I'll be deeply grateful to be proven wrong.