Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Gym Search Continues

Yes, I’m blogging more. But this is rapidly becoming “the blog about nothing.” Sorry to be such a bore.

I’ve finally been to Bally’s in Kent. Estimated average door-to-door commute between our house in Renton and this gym: 20 minutes. The commute’s a fuckin’ killer. With an hour and fifteen minutes each way to campus, I don't need to spend more time in the pickup. I have to figure out what the damned terms on my contract are if I want to end my association prior to the new year. The old Bally’s was an average commute time of 3-5 minutes, depending on whether the hordes of children were out of school or not. It’s an okay facility. Not much eye candy there, much like my present Bally’s. Get this—two chicks actually checked me out there. Shockingly, I am apparently the cutest guy at this gym. And when a bear boy like me is the hottest guy at the gym, it’s just sad. Granted, all the other guys were over 50 years old. The only thing that it doesn’t have that my Bally’s here in Renton did was a pool and hot tub. Not a huge deal for me.

New Reader Brad (welcome to the readership of one of the most infrequently updated and dull blogs in the galaxy, by the way) suggested trying to find an independent gym. The only obvious choice is the former Gold’s Gym over near the supermarket that now has some lame name that I don’t remember. It’s priced about the same as our present Bally’s (circa $30 for the two of us). It had only a single staff member working there when I visited. She did everything. But there are ellipsis machines and free weights there, and as that’s what I do, it sounds okay. The last review written for it when it was a Gold’s Gym suggested the equipment broke down regularly. If they can only afford only one employee at a time, I’m not convinced I’m going to have any reliability. I may go see it again. Maybe it will look better the second time. I doubt it, but still. It’s 4-5 minutes from the house. You can’t beat that.

Craig has rather bourgeois tastes. How anyone from Nampa, ID develops bourgeois tastes is beyond me. But he has them, so naturally he likes LA Fitness the best. He’s enchanted by the free classes and let’s face it—all the other fags go there. The guys are a lot hotter there, for sure. Still, $70 is a lot of money every month just for eye candy and swank surroundings. Neither of those things actually do much for getting a guy in shape. Plus, it’s not near to anything but Fry’s Electronics. We can all be sure that I don’t need to go there.

I just want my fucking Bally’s to say it was all a big misunderstanding and that they’re going to stay open. But I have a feeling that I’m going to be trekking to Bally’s in Kent every non-school day. They probably charge up the ass to end the relationship early. I’ll head early to campus for the school days and use the gym there, which is actually free to me.

I need to clean my office really badly. I’m not going to get any real work done unless I can focus. I now own the mother of all filing cabinets. I need to use it. That's next on the agenda.

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