Sunday, September 07, 2008

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Have I been yearning for the start of football season? Absolutely. Am I ready, i.e. prepared? Fuck no! I’m a multiple sclerotic with two teaching jobs this summer. I have two fantasy teams that I didn’t pick, one of which my brother-in-law actually signed me up for because I forgot to enter the league. I did, apparently, correctly order the NFL Sunday ticket, so I don’t have to hit any bars this season. Naturally, I ran out of milk, so I used the last of it for my morning coffee, but have eaten no cereal. I may head over the 7-11 to rectify the situation. So am I ready? Fuck no.

Favre has been all over the news this morning, whining but how the Green Bay Packers don’t feel like sucking his cock. Naturally, I’m not strong enough not to be watching his season premiere as a New York Jet. I won’t do this too much, but fuck it, the Pack doesn’t play till Monday afternoon. I don’t hate the guy and have a morbid curiosity. Favre is wearing a black jock strap today, which shows nicely through his football pants. Admittedly, he doesn’t have the greatest ass in the world, but what queer football fan doesn’t love white football pants?

I just noticed that ex-Longhorn prima donna Ricky Williams is back. I guess I should be upbeat on their behalf. I’m a Longhorn, right? The gods know that I spent enough time at UT to qualify, although I have been at the UW longer than any other academic institution, now. I guess I ought to root for the Huskies, but college ball doesn’t float my boat. So far Chad and Ricky aren’t helping the Dolphins much. They seem to punt gloriously. And now Favre has just thrown his first touchdown throw of the year (56 yards to number 89, Jerricho Cotchery).

It looks like that Pats are having a really shitty morning. It looks like Brady is already injured and Randy Moss has already fumbled.

Craig is getting back from his morning meeting. We’re going to get some breakfast. I’m going to watch football, fall asleep on the couch and then get up and grade the last of the Antioch papers. I need to get back to my own stuff this week.


Dinur said...

Very good start for Aaron - 18-22, 1 passing td, 1 rushing td, 0 turnovers =)

Cuphound said...

He sure didn't suck, did he? On the whole, I am deeply satisfied.

To think that everyone was worried about the kid. Fuck it, the kid's just fine. I'm worried about our error prone O-line. Tony Moll had the night from hell.

The kid did just fine...