Saturday, April 19, 2008

Checking In

The Wings are up in the series 3-2. I was grading tonight (check out my grading meter), so I didn’t get to see the revenge game. Since I knew Craig would be pissy at me for ignoring him to grade, I let him control the remote. Plus, I really need to get my grading done on time. I have 69 papers and no help.

I did, however catch the fact that Chris Osgood was in goal. I’m quite grateful to see Hasek circulated back out of the line-up for a while. Slinky for a spine, my ass. I’m sick to death of his “Ford pick-up I need to be warmed up for the first ten minutes of the game and be rested for a few more minutes after goals get scored on my ass” bullshit. He just isn’t all that and a bag of chips anymore. Ozzie’s having a good year. I’d love to see him win us another Cup.

Not much other news. My grant application got turned down. That’s okay, though. Like I said, I only managed to get one out. Not a shock that it wouldn’t go through. The point is, I got one application out. Let’s see what I do next year. Baby steps. I’m learning.

Speaking of learning, now you can learn about why queers are queer with this fun video I lifted off of another blog! By the way, in no way do I endorse George's desire to hush Martha's pointing out Heather's bisexuality in order to provide a simplified political point. Not only would this be profoundly un-queer, it would ruin most of my buddies' favorite sexual fantasies. I'd never do that.

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