Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Fog Rolls Back In

Well, it’s back to the drawing board. I stopped taking Adderall XR about three days ago. It increases my naturally high level of irritability to hypersensitive levels. Poor Craig has survived me in the last month of the term with the drug in my system and it’s been hell for both of us. Enough is enough. I need to write an e-mail to Dr. Thompson, my psychiatrist and see what he says. Hopefully he may have some ideas between now and when we meet in roughly two weeks.


So the drug’s gone, I’m tired, I think a little less clearly and the fog is rolling back in. It’s not that it ever rolled out—that will never happen again—but now it’s thick again.

Sorry to whine so much. I’ll write something interesting soon. But probably I won’t write as much as I have been. Fuck it all.


Michelle said...

That really really bites, dear. I'm so sorry. I do hope the doctor has something else up his sleeve.

I don't know if it would work with Multiple Sclerosis, but a sublingual Vitamin B-12 tablet has been helping clear a bit of the fog for me. Again, I suspect the mechanism of why it works for me may mean that it doesn't work in the case of MS. But, just throwing that out there.

Cuphound said...

Yeah, Craig is a huge B12 fan. I was taking a composite vitamin B, but I realized that I was getting the achey neck that i had before I started taking Avonex. I was afraid that the composite vitamin was pumping up my immune system. Of course I've read that of vitamin B6 and B12, one might good for MS while one is bad. I don't recall which is which. It could be that since the composite contains both, the bad one was screwing with me. But I'll investigate.

I love you, Michelle!

sean said...

Hey Talal;

Yesterday I wanted to ask you about "the fog". I don't think it stuck when I tried to post.

What is it and why?


Sean said...


So I looked at alot of web sites to try to grab my hands around the throat of this problem.

How problematic is it? As someone who is absent-minded naturally how different is it?

One article said you forget why you went to a store. You forget peoples names etc. This happens to me often, so I write everyhting down. I am assuming there is something much more serious and sinister.



Cuphound said...

Hey, Sean--

I will get back to you on this, I promise. While I didn't have duelling Christmases, the Group Health job knocked the wind out of me. I spent all of Saturday resting and didn't get a hell of a lot of work done on Sunday. But I can and will explain this a lot more clearly.